Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Likes, dislikes, hits, poke...virtual village is a rising era! Virtual visibility is warfare for businesses. Every nook and corner shops to businesses are online today! Making long-lasting online impression on people from different walks-of life is messy issue! With social networking on-the-rise and rampantly increasing social circles, convergence of the right people to your business is a difficult task.

The new kid on the block, Social media optimization (also known as SMO or social SEO) is a range of social media activity done with intent of attracting unique visitors to website content. Social Media optimization ranges from RSS feeds, social news, sharing buttons, user rating, polling tools, images and videos, promotional activities in social media like blogging, discussion groups, posting updates on social networking profiles etc. Cracking the social media is a tough-task at hand for prospering businesses.

DigiWhiz offers social media optimization services to potential clients and businesses. Propelling your business with the right tools! Trust us with your ideas, we will provide it the social-media boost it requires. Quality of service assured. DigiWhiz is a trusted and leading company with its web-of-trust ever-expanding with faithful and loyal customers. DigiWhiz offers social media services to small to large scale companies.

DigiWhiz has a strong team of dedicated and highly qualified social mediate marketing experts, who analyze and manage your brand and business and helps you lead the market! DigiWhiz offers comprehensive services for social media optimization ranging from website optimization to managing links to managing social networking profiles. DigiWhiz offers you a bouquet of services and spoils your for choices:

  • Setup and Creation of profile on social networking sites
  • Viral marketing campaigns
  • Website building for social networking sites
  • Landing page creation
  • Submits articles and press releases on various sites as part of social networking
  • Blogging and posting on social networking websites
  • Bookmarking
  • Cost effective services
  • Quality of Service

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