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Search Engine Optimization

Get better online visibility and increase relevant traffic to your business

You get more relevant traffic once your website ranks on the top page of Google. That means more leads and better business growth.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective online marketing techniques to drive more traffic on your website. It is also among the most economical in the long-run. Unlike Pay-Per-Click methods, additional web traffic is absolutely free.

Types Of SEO projects we manage

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E-commerce SEO

You have the most competition for visitors if you run an e-commerce site. That's because you, like your competitors, have a high number of products or services available. At Digiwhiz, our e-commerce SEO experts specialise in targeting high volume keywords and bringing relevant traffic to you. Our aim: achieve top rankings and increasing online sales.

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Country-wide or Global Business SEO

If you run a country-wide or global business, you will probably have multiple website versions for different countries or territories. Many companies in this category aren't getting the results they should because the targeted keywords and competition level are different for each country. We understand these complexities and have experience handling large-scale SEO projects to ensure excellent returns.

Will SEO work for your business?

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How do we build an SEO strategy that works?

Situation 01

Understand your current business situation

We make sure we really understand you. From your business, target audience, brand and unique selling points, to everything needed for us to plan a custom SEO strategy designed to get you incredible results.

Goals 02

Understand & discuss your target audience and business goals

How high do you want to aim? What business goals do you want to achieve in the next 12 months, two years and five years? We set business growth goals together and understand your target audience to ensure you will get highly-relevant visitor traffic.

Research 03

Research extensive keywords & competitor analysis

We will create a library of the most common keywords for your industry and business. Our team will also research to see what your competitors are doing with the SEO and search strategy so that we can jump ahead of them online.

Improvements 04

Website audit and improvements

By improving various on-page factors, we ensure that your website is ready for the best SEO practices to improve rankings on search engines. Our experienced team will evaluate your website that covers a profile analysis, website content analysis, mobile-friendliness, website loading speed and many more. We'll then advise of any recommendations or improvements we think will help your SEO performance.

Strategy 2 05

Create a strategy

We'll create an SEO aligned to your business goals. Along the way, we will make adjustments as needed - your approach should be agile too.

How do we manage your on-going SEO campaign?


Create engaging content

Your website needs relevant, keyword-rich content designed to engage your website visitors. Consistent content will help with searchability and also keep the incoming traffic on your site longer.


Keeping up with changes in ranking algorithms

Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly changing their criteria to deliver more relevant search results for their users. Our team are always up to date with these and ensure your SEO strategy adapts as a result.

Seo Submission

On-going SEO submissions

Link building plays a vital role in improving your website ranking on various search engines. By performing multiple ongoing submissions on high authority websites, our SEO team ensures increasing relevant traffic, website credibility and top rankings on search engines.


Tracking results and analytics

We monitor Google Analytics and Search Console accounts regularly. We also track your online reputation to ensure website credibility on search engines. Digiwhiz provides fortnightly or monthly (depending upon the scale of the SEO project) ranking and analytics reports to our clients.

Case Studies

Learn how we've helped the Australian businesses grow.

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Describe your top three business goals
(for us to evaluate whether this digital marketing technique will help achieve these):

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