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7 Custom Web Development Tips Every Small Business Can Leverage For a Better Performing Website

7 Custom Web Development Tips Every Small Business Can Leverage For a Better Performing Website

Web Development October 17, 2023
Custom Web Development

For any business to succeed in today’s evolving digital world, it’s important for them to have a digital experience that stands out. That’s where having a website unique to your brand, its objectives, and its offerings comes into play.


However, for a website to drive success for your business, you need to put a lot of effort into engaging your customers. For this, your website should be aesthetically pleasing and should offer a great user experience.


While numerous ready-to-use templates are available that you can easily use to create an appealing website, they miss “exclusivity”. You could find hundreds of websites with the same layout and design, even in your industry. Also, these offer limited elements, such as colours, navigation and site features, which limits the overall appearance, performance, and ultimately impact of the site.


A more powerful and significant alternative to pre-designed templates is custom website development. There are many custom web development benefits that allow small businesses to compete and even thrive in the competitive digital space.


Let’s explore in detail the impact of custom web development on your business success.


What is Custom Web Development?


In simple terms, it refers to developing a website from scratch through coding. The type of websites are more sophisticated and dynamic and are tailored to meet your company’s unique identity, vision and mission.


Unlike the built-in templates, custom web development allows you to create a website your way. There’s no constraint on how the website looks or functions. You can create it around the customer journey and focus on the design and development ideas that your users will follow.


With this, you can ensure no other websites look the same as yours. So, you can maintain the “exclusivity” of your website based on your business needs.


Such uniqueness ultimately distinguishes your website from your competitors, making it stand out and attract your target audience.


7 Custom web development benefits for small business success


Custom web development offers far more benefits than theme-based templates. Besides improved online visibility, other custom web development benefits are:


  • Offers Uniqueness 


As said, custom web development allows businesses to create unique websites, helping customers easily recognise their brand.  


Since built-in templates are easy to use and affordable, there’s a high chance your competitors might be using them. Also, it is likely that the template you choose for your business website is already being used by some of your competitors. Having similar website layouts, colour themes, and fonts might confuse the audience in differentiating between brands. Hence, with built-in templates, there’s no scope for “exclusivity”. 


On the contrary, custom development gives you complete freedom to design and develop your websites with 100% uniqueness. It focuses on an eye-catching user interface, brand voice and higher performance. Whether it’s the visuals, fonts, layouts, and theme colour, you can develop your business website with the best and most unique design and features resonating with your brand. 


This gives your site a unique brand identity that helps your audience recognise you from your competitors and also brings more visitors and a devoted client base.


  • Improved Security


Website security has become more than important for businesses. With numerous hacking techniques and malware, intruding on a website to gain its data is no more difficult. Therefore, businesses must take proper measures to strengthen their security.


With custom web development, you can build your website with Standard Security Technology (SSL) and various other security measures in mind. This automatically reduces the risk of data breaches, and you can have a safer and more secure website.


Further, using a common platform to create websites, like an open-source CMS, can make all those sites vulnerable. If the security of one website is affected, it will put all the other sites at risk.


On the other hand, custom code allows for strong security by employing various authentication protocols, encrypted data transmission, and tailored firewalls.


  • Enables customer-centric development


Developing a website with a customer-centric approach means prioritising the preferences and needs of your target audience. It’s not like one-size-fits-all, but it’s made to fit the unique needs of your customers.


By understanding what your ideal customers need and want, developers can create user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and engaging websites.


This approach builds trust, keeps customers content and boosts business success by providing a personalised online experience that meets the specific demands of their audience.


  • SEO-Friendly Website


Do you know Google prefers custom websites over template-based sites? This means your custom website will have a better chance of search rankings.


As mentioned above, custom-built websites allow you to incorporate as many features and functionalities as possible. Hence, you can make your custom website SEO-friendly with features like faster loading speed, responsiveness and a great user experience.


Further, a good web development company Melbourne can optimise it for specific keywords you want to rank for. And when your website ranks higher, your customers are better able to find you in their search results.


  • Ideal for Complex Websites


The template-based approach isn’t ideal for complex websites like e-commerce websites. Why? Because complex websites need a lot of customisation, which is what built-in templates lack.


But with custom development, you get an API microservices landscape, you can create a dynamic solution as per your specific business needs. This is why enterprise-level businesses are increasingly opting for custom web application development for their website development.


  • Highly Scalable


As a business, your ultimate aim is its growth. And as your business expands, you must also upgrade your website. Unfortunately, updating a website template is challenging. You may face various issues, like deletion, page insertion, etc. when upgrading your existing website template.


Contrary to this, custom websites are easily scalable as the business grows. A reliable web development company can create a futuristic website that can accommodate new features and functionalities. This allows you to modify or upgrade your website to fulfil the future requirements of your business.


  • Web Automation


It’s no secret that custom web development significantly increases a site’s performance. But how?


Custom web development initiates automation features, allowing you to optimise and automate most of your operations and various repetitive tasks. Such functions capture customer data automatically in a customised format and export them to your CRM.


Moreover, you can also automate some advanced integrations, such as user engagement tools that capture leads, such as add-to-cart rate, click-through rate, and other crucial information. This data can be leveraged to your advantage by analysing the analytics and adjusting your content accordingly.


Hence, custom development allows you to streamline your operations, which are otherwise difficult to achieve with a standard builder tool. Further, you can improve the efficiency and performance of your sales and marketing team through business function automation.


Shape your business with custom web development services at Digiwhiz


At Digiwhiz, we are a web development company in Melbourne, offering a range of design and development services, including custom web development. Our experienced, highly-skilled web developers will create an exceptional business website that delivers an excellent user experience.


By understanding your business's and its customers' needs, we will custom-develop an online presence that makes you stand out with superior features and functionalities.


For more details on how our custom web development can help you shape your business and create an outstanding brand presence, schedule your appointment with our experts today!



It might now be clear why you must invest in custom web development and how you can leverage it for your business success. From offering exceptional user experience and automation to improved scalability and security, you can gain a competitive edge and establish your business as a strong brand in the digital space.

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