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Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising that delivers results

Sick of low sales, high investment and poor return on your marketing investment?

PPC marketing accelerates your business growth in a short time frame, and the ROI is almost immediate.

Our team of PPC experts will make the most efficient use of your campaign budget. But it's not enough for us to have a successful campaign. As your growth partner, we focus on your results and conversion. Our team does detailed tracking to figure out your exact ROI. Our transparent reporting and constant improvements to your campaign are all geared towards creating the best possible outcome for you.

PPC Strategy & Campaign Setup

Ppc Strategy Goals

Understand the current business situation and goals

How high do you want to aim? What business goals do you want to achieve in the next 12 months, two years or five years? We set business growth goals together and ensure they align with your PPC strategy.

Ppc Strategy Research

Extensive keywords & competitors research

We will create a library of the most common keywords for your industry and business. Our team will also research your competitors are doing with any PPC strategy.

Ppc Strategy Focus

Create a PPC strategy

There are different PPC platforms. We choose the right platform or combination of platforms which have the potential to bring the best ROI for your business.

Ppc Strategy Audit

Website audit and improvements

We aim to ensure conversions - which flow on to your website - rather than limiting your PPC campaigns just to site clicks. We genuinely care about your broader campaign goals.

Ppc Strategy Compaign

Setup new campaign or tune-up existing campaign

Whether you need a new PPC campaign or we feel your existing one could use some improvements, we can create a tailored solution that will be relevant and focus on ROI for you.

PPC Campaign Management

Ppc Campaign Bid 01

Bid optimisation

Creating an effective Google Ads bid management strategy can help you steer your campaign toward success. We'll create a plan to ensure your campaign starts the best possible way.

Ppc Campaign Conversion 02

Conversion tracking and monitoring

When you run ads with Google Ads, you may want to see whether clicks on your ad led a customer to take a specific action. We can set this up for you to ensure your PPC strategy is converting in accordance with our goals.

Ppc Campaign Ongoing 03

Ongoing landing page optimisations

Driving traffic to a website or landing page is one tactic; getting conversions is another. We will constantly review your pages to ensure maximum returns.

Ppc Campaign Optimize 04

Optimise to be ahead of platform updates

Each PPC platform publishes ongoing updates. These updates may have an impact on bids and returns. The Digiwhiz team stay up-to-date and perform ongoing amendments to your campaign so that it can perform at its best.

Ppc Campaign New 05

Monthly reporting

We provide monthly, easy-to-understand reports to our clients. If required, we also help our clients dig these reports to derive business statistics.

Will PPC work for my business?

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Top 3 Benefits of PPC Marketing



the ability to schedule ads on certain days/times

Almost Immediate Results

Almost Immediate Results

spend Money, get more website traffic and measure ROI

Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI

With detailed tracking on PPC platforms, your results are measurable, trackable and can be compared to past campaigns.

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Describe your top three business goals
(for us to evaluate whether this digital marketing technique will help achieve these):

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