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Aussie Tune Dandenong

Aussie Tune Dandenong


Create and Manage Google Adwords Campaign


The situation

Aussie Tune Dandenong is a mechanic which specialises in the service and repair of Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen vehicles.

The business owner had previously employed the services of other digital marketing agencies to develop and run Google Adwords campaigns. They had experienced disappointing results with little reach or client engagement. Not only did they feel that they had wasted their money due to lack of enquiries, but they also struggled with not understanding the process or what they could hope to achieve. They felt unsupported by the digital marketing agencies they had previously employed.

After Digiwhiz reviewed the situation, the team identified the following goals for Aussie Tune:

  • Implement the right Google Adwords campaign to attract their target clients
  • Observe, monitor and report the results to show Aussie Tune the value of their investment
  • Increase the number of relevant enquiries by employing the right campaign designed specifically for their business

Our proposed solutions

Digiwhiz proposed to set up and manage a Google Adword campaign to increase reach and attract Aussie Tune’s target clients.

Effective Key Words

Configure effective key words

Website Enquiries

Increase website enquiries

Optimise Website

Optimise website

Client Engagement

Increase client engagement

Monitor Campaign

Monitor campaign daily


Double Aussie Tune ROI

The Results

Aussie Tune Dandenong are highly satisfied with the results of the specific and effective Google Adwords campaign developed and managed by Digiwhiz:

Rise In Enquiries

Proven rise in enquiries

Increase In ROI

Significant increase in ROI

Customer Engagement

Improved customer engagement

Reduced Marketing Costs

Reduced marketing costs

Business Growth

Business growth

Staff Employment

Increased demand = staff employment

Digiwhiz has been looking after my Adwords account for a few months now and the improvement has been impressive. Far greater reach for half the price it was costing previously. Very happy with the service, easy to deal with and take the time to understand what we are trying to achieve. Great work guys, thank you.

Nigel Tilley

Aussie Tune Dandenong

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