9 Reasons to choose Umbraco CMS

February 3, 2020

9 Reasons to choose Umbraco CMS


If you’re looking for a CMS solution for your business, Umbraco has it all. Here are 9 reasons why Umbraco should be your choice.

1. Umbraco is a CMS platform first

Many alternatives to Umbraco are designed as a blogging platform. Sure, you can add plugins and increase functionality, but it was never designed to be more than somewhere to share your thoughts with the world. Umbraco is a CMS first. There’s no law against using it as a blogging platform, but it’s designed to do so much more.

2. You have creative freedom

With a blogging platform you’re likely to get lots of free styles to apply, and plenty of plugins. However, unless you spend on a bespoke design, you’re likely to find lots of websites that look just like yours, which isn’t good for your brand identity.

Umbraco is completely customisable. Your developers can engineer functionality to suit your business, and creative team can create a bespoke design for your brand.

3. Greater online security

Some blogging platforms are extremely popular, which means they are attractive to hackers. When so many people use the same system and the same plugins, one you’ve hacked one you’ve hacked them all. These blogging platforms release updates every few weeks to stay ahead, but then you need to make sure all your plugins are still working.

With Umbraco you’re not going to face these issues. Using Microsoft’s .NET platform, Umbraco has state of the art security.

4. Out-of-the-box features

As a CMS first, there are lots of great features that come as standard with Umbraco. A 301 redirect manager, health check dashboard and even a device preview can all help you to keep your website running smoothly, providing a great user experience to your customers.

5. Your website will probably be faster.

With open source blogging platforms, you’ll probably use lots of prewritten plugins. When these add up, so does the load time for your website. As Umbraco is bespoke, we can often use less code to do the same job, making your website more efficient.

6. Umbraco can keep expanding

Umbraco is designed to be expandable. Even if you start out with a brochure site, when your products start gaining traction and you need an ecommerce platform, Umbraco is ready to go. The system can be made to do almost anything you can think of, especially with our designers, developers and project managers on hand.

Let’s say you decide to expand your business, and need another website. Umbraco is designed specifically so you can manage multiple websites from one easy interface. But let’s not stop there, Umbraco can manage content on mobile apps, intranet sites and rich media too.

7. It’s responsive for on the go editing

Gone are the days of doing everything on a desktop computer. With Umbraco you can edit on the go with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Need to end a special offer? Update product information? Add new images? You’ll never miss a beat.

8. It’s open source, so it’s free!

When it comes to bespoke websites, cost can be a limiting factor. Microsoft sets the bar high by offering Umbraco as open source, so it’s completely free to use. There are no subscription fees, so you’ll only pay for the technical and creative expertise to put it all together.

9. You’ll be joining a community

There are over 400,000 websites using Umbraco around the world including some big name brands like Heinz, Sony and Carlsberg. There are tutorial videos if you get a little stuck, and our web team are on hand should you have any questions.

Digiwhiz is a Umbraco agency based in Melbourne, you can contact when needing certified/professional developers for next website project.

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