How to Level Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2024?

November 1, 2023

How to Level Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2024?

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As we are close to the end of 2023, industries have already sensed the potential changes 2024 is going to bring for them. And the social media marketing industry is no different.

It’s no secret that social media marketing has an unshakeable impact on every aspect of our lives. With a rapid shift in expectations, people are more receptive than ever to seeing brands in their feeds.

As such, the social media marketing trends and strategies that ruled the audience-brand engagement are completely different than they were a year ago.

With the introduction of Threads and X and the continued domination of TikTok, 2023 saw a great deal of transformation in terms of evolving digital landscapes and user behaviours. These new channels and trends became an even more dynamic and essential space for individuals and businesses alike.

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2023: A Quick Rundown

To get ahead with social media marketing, most providers of digital marketing services Melbourne incorporated the following best practices in their 2023 plan:

  • Aspirational, aesthetic-driven content declined in 2023. Instead, brands started using genuine, unfiltered content to showcase brand authenticity.
  • Businesses focused more on reaching the right people rather than just reaching people.
  • The importance of making the “audience” the hero was increasingly realised. Rather than making their products the star of the show, businesses began creating their social media strategy around their audience's pain points.
  • From posting regularly at the right time and reducing response time, marketers prioritised user behaviour in their social media strategy. Robotic or overly polished content was replaced by a relevant, personal communication style for better engagement.
  • 2023 was also about creating the most engaging, in-feed social content to build brand presence.
  • Lastly, short-form video content continued to rise in popularity in 2023 as well. Marketers dedicated full-time effort to creating a solid video plan for their brand.

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2024 to Leverage for Business Success

Heading into 2024, here are some of the best practices businesses should incorporate to level up their social game.

1.Creating Short, Bite-sized Videos

While this trend started in 2022 and took off in 2023, it shows no sign of slowing down even in 2024. This is the best way to convey information, entertain, and leverage storytelling effectively within a limited timeframe.

To leverage bite-sized videos in your social media marketing 2024 strategy, create short, appealing videos highlighting your products, their features, advantages, and how they solve customer pain points in a matter of seconds. You can also use quick tips and tutorials to create short videos and share valuable industry information to position your brand as an expert and provide value to your audience.

Besides, add compelling narratives that resonate with viewers' emotions or values in bite-sized videos to tell stories that connect with your brand’s mission or message.

The overall idea is to create creative bite-sized video content while understanding your target audience’s preferences and interests. Using this social media marketing strategy, businesses can capture attention, drive engagement, and ultimately boost their social media marketing ROI.

2. Use AI to Re-energize and Not to Replace the Team

Over 80% of marketers say Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted their efforts, giving them benefits like increased efficiency and more time for creativity.

AI tools automate routine work and streamline repetitive tasks, which gives marketers more time for creative thinking. They analyse data to reveal trends and audience preferences, guiding creative strategies.

However, to ensure things flow smoothly, marketers need to enhance their knowledge of emerging technologies. They should ensure that a lack of leadership training does not become an obstacle in successfully implementing AI tools as part of their social media marketing strategy.

Further, to champion the use of AI technology, marketers should lead by example. By investing in AI tools and employee training, leaders can inspire teams to leverage technology effectively. This not only enhances marketing strategies but also keeps the brand ahead in the social media game.

3. Humanised Brands

This strategy works on the principle of adopting a more relatable and personable persona on social channels that focuses on the human side of brands rather than products or services.

For example, by showcasing their company culture, sharing behind-the-scenes content or engaging in transparent and open communication with their followers, brands can foster brand loyalty and create a sense of kinship with their audience.

To incorporate humanisation in social media marketing strategy 2024, businesses can:

  • share customer success stories and testimonials that explain the positive impact of their products or services on people’s real lives.
  • send shoutouts, personalised messages or thank-you notes to loyal customers to express appreciation for their support.
  • take responsibility for their mistakes and communicate openly how they address the issue. This helps them build trust with their followers.

This social media marketing strategy helps brands connect with their audience on a personal level. This allows them to generate brand loyalty and build lasting relationships that go beyond transactions.

4. Leverage Social Searching

One of the most known social media marketing benefits is connecting with people, sharing content and engaging with brands. However, it has lately redefined how users discover content and engage with the digital world by integrating advanced search functionality.

It allows users to seamlessly search for everything from trending topics to products and recommendations rather than relying solely on search engines.

Thus, in 2024, brands that master the art of social searching will have a competitive edge, improving their visibility and connection with their target audience in this evolving digital space.

Brands should indulge in social listening by tracking social media conversations and related industry trends. They should respond and engage with potential customers seeking information or recommendations. Also, by using popular and relevant hashtags in the posts, brands can increase their content discoverability in hashtag-based social searches.


As we approach the new year in 2024, it's clear that the world of social media marketing is brimming with exciting opportunities. With the ever-accelerating pace of change, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the evolving landscape.

By creating your social media marketing strategy around the aforementioned practices, brands can navigate the challenges and succeed in the coming year.

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