Importance of Mobile App Testing

March 23, 2023

Importance of Mobile App Testing

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The number of mobile users is increasing: [Statista predicts that by 2023, there will be 7.26 billion users worldwide. It's no surprise that mobile app downloads are foreseen to reach 258 billion by 2023.]There are apps for every mobile device and function available today, and they all rely on user feedback. People will take advantage of an opportunity to post a negative review, whether due to performance issues, a poor user interface, or crashing, so invest in mobile app testing.Mobile app testing has always been an integral aspect of the development of software applications. It has acquired a lot of attention and growth for businesses to realise its benefits. Every company aspires to build a name for itself in the ever-expanding digital world by producing innovative applications. 

If we were to get right to the facts, here they are:

  • Mobile apps account for 57% of all digital media usage.
  • 21% of millennials use an app 50 times or more every day.
  • By 2023, mobile apps will produce $935 billion in revenue.
  • Apps consume 90% of mobile time.

What conclusions should we draw from these facts? Mobile phones are the most straightforward, accessible, and fastest communication means; therefore, they must be error-free and up-to-date. To achieve the most remarkable outcomes, we must adequately test mobile apps. Mobile Testing has improved, and various testing products on the market can deliver accurate data. Mobile Testing is available for both Android and iOS.

What exactly is Mobile App Testing?

Mobile App Testing verifies a mobile app (Android or iOS) for functioning and usability before publicly publishing it. Mobile app testing ensures that the app meets the desired technical and business criteria.For successful mobile app testing, teams must test apps across several screen resolutions, operating system versions, and network bandwidths. When the app is released publicly, it helps to ensure it works smoothly across multiple device setups.Testing mobile apps include the following at a high level:

  • Comparing programme performance across different OS versions (for example, Android 12.0, 13.0, etc.)
  • Seeing how the app looks in Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Validating app compatibility and performance when used in a specific configuration
  • Testing to see if the app is compatible with mobile sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, etc.
  • Testing the app's graphical user interface (Menus, dropdowns, navigation buttons, etc.) for functionality

Why Should Mobile Testing Be Taken into Account?

Enterprises are already involved in the mobile app market, battling for the first position in app downloads. While many people feel that the success of mobile applications depends on the programme type and its capabilities, others believe that the real distinction between a mobile app that sells and one that does not is its performance. It is about more than just having special software; people will abandon a programme if its functionality is complex, no matter how promising it appears. On the contrary, even the simplest applications can be profitable for a company if they perform correctly.Crashing, poor performance and battery depletion account for around half of the poor reviews on the app stores. Besides mobile development, there is no major software engineering field with potential hazards.

Mobile App Testing can solve Mobile issues

Mobile Testing is an answer to mobile issues and could assist developers in preventing programme failure. However, understanding that mobile Testing should take place and deciding what to test are two different things. Identifying the specific features that require mobile Testing may be complex because if any of these critical aspects are overlooked, the application may need to be corrected. You must test several locations as well as distinct features within each category. Professional mobile application testing companies could assist in finding problems before potential users become frustrated and putting solutions in place before the app is released. An expert software testing firm uses a variety of phones running all the major operating systems. Additionally, every other phone is used for Testing, ensuring adequate functionality. They can find more bugs this way and fix them before roll-out.Developers need to test their programs in similar conditions that users will experience. This step is essential, making such an environment easy for testers. Several mobile testing platforms enable developers to test their websites and apps quickly and efficiently. With features like real-time analytics and visual test environments, mobile application testing companies guarantee the functionality and quality of their program while hastening the time to market. Finding and solving bugs in mobile applications before their release would make them more popular and see a broader take-up in the long run.

How does App Testing benefit your business?

There are over 9000 mobile devices available, and end customers can install and utilise the software on any device. The app must be tuned sufficiently for that specific device to work successfully.The steady expansion of smartphones has increased mobile device usage. The global mobile user base is predicted to reach 7.5 billion by 2026. This represents a significant increase over the 3.6 billion smartphone users in 2016.The statistics point to a significant increase in mobile device usage shortly. The proliferation of mobile devices will also encourage the creation of advanced mobile apps to make commercial services more accessible. Businesses must, of course, ensure that their mobile apps are optimised and future-ready for cutting-edge devices. This can only be accomplished by Testing and optimising apps on the most recent mobile devices.Mobile app testing ensures your apps look, run, and function properly across numerous devices. Optimising apps for popular mobile-OS combinations among the target audience allows the app to give a consistent user experience regardless of device or OS. It contributes to providing a robust and customer-centric experience for new users.

Advantages of Mobile Testing 

For any mobile app development company, quality is the first and foremost factor for businesses to consider. If you are a mobile app development company that needs to take quality seriously, then Testing is not that easy. Also, you may face serious quality concerns once the apps are on the market. Here are some of the benefits of mobile Testing.

  • Good UI/UX

Quality Analysts may test apps from the user's perspective and assess the complete app experience. They can check that the test case or application is simple by looking at its reasoning. However, you must continue conducting UI and UX Testing throughout the development life cycle if you want excellent results.

  • Fulfils Quality Benchmarks and Performance

QAs check to make sure a programme runs without a hitch. They assess how well an application performs under various performance criteria, such as shifting load conditions, networks, etc. For better performance and outcomes, the QA team ensures that the quality standards are maintained and met.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Users who like the app will always keep using it and may even tell their friends about apps. This will help your business reach a wider audience and build a strong reputation in the market. Therefore, test often and thoroughly to increase brand loyalty and client happiness. 

How does Digiwhiz help with Mobile App Testing?

Digiwhiz lets you test mobile apps on real mobile devices. As explained above, releasing a mobile without verifying its performance in real-world circumstances is impossible.

At Digiwhiz, we provide a platform for testing mobile applications on live devices. This platform has the unique capability of generating real-time cloud-connectable emulators and virtual devices. Our emulators have an inbuilt feature that assures your application is


Finally, we learned from the insightful article that mobile application testing had become an important aspect of the development of mobile apps. Successful mobile application testing can address the most issues an app may encounter. A professional mobile application testing business could ensure the app's functioning and quality.We hope the above article has provided you with enough insight into mobile app testing and app development in general. If you still have queries about mobile app testing, please get your doubts clarified by experts of Web Development Company in Melbourne and speak to the team.

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