How to Improve Your Website Off-Page SEO?

March 2, 2023

How to Improve Your Website Off-Page SEO?

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Are you not getting the desired results for your website even after implementing on-page SEO? With over 8 billion Google searches being conducted daily, it’s a real challenge to set your place on the #1 page of search engine rankings through just on-page seo tactics.

It’s time to incorporate off-page SEO into your online marketing strategies! Also, writing guest posts for other websites alone won’t help you get the value and exposure you want for your business. Understanding what off-page SEO is and how to improve off-page SEO will help you achieve the desired marketing goals in the long run. 

What Is Off-Page SEO? 

In simple words, any SEO activity performed outside your website to boost its relevance, authority, and reliability falls under this category.

According to Moz, "Off-page SEO (also called "off-site SEO") refers to actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).” Most people, when they hear the term off-page SEO, link it to “backlinks”. Well, link building is an important aspect of off-page SEO, but a whole lot more.

Search engines crawl websites available on the web to understand what content they have. But they also look for signals outside the websites to determine their credibility, authority, and reliability. Performing on-page activities helps search crawlers ‘read’ the information your web pages intend to deliver.

But when you perform off-page activities, it influences how search engines and users perceive your content. And based on your website's authority and reputation in the outside world, Google rewards you with a higher SERP ranking. 

Elements of Off-Page 

  • Building Links 

Also known as incoming or inbound links. Refer to links from some other websites. It’s at the heart of off-page SEO. The more high-valued backlinks your website has, the better SERP ranking you will have.

Three types of backlinks are there: Natural Links (given editorially without any action), Manually-Built links (acquired through on-purpose link-building activities), and Self-Created Links (created by practices such as forums, press releases, blog comments, etc.).

  • Non-Link Related Off-Page SEO

This includes activities like social media marketing, influencer marketing, linked and unlinked brand mentions and guest blogging. 

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?

Would you prefer buying from a clothing store you know about or a store you get to hear from every other person? The concept of off-page SEO is the same - It makes your website popular, trustworthy and reliable enough for users to visit or use to avail of services deliberately.

Using off-page SEO techniques correctly can get numerous benefits for your website and brand. Primarily, it creates exposure and helps build trust for your brand. It also enables you to drive more traffic to your site and increase your engagement and conversion rates. 

The statistics below underline the importance of off-page SEO:

  1. When it comes to ranking factors, off-page SEO techniques carry more than 50% of the overall weight. 
  2. According to a survey by HootSuite, articles with a significant number can rank up to 22% higher in search rankings
  3. A Backlinko study found that websites ranked #1 on Google have 3.8x more backlinks than those in positions 2 to 10. 
  4. 75% of customers use social media to search for brands and their products or services. 
  5. Over 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations to trust products or services and buy them.

So, you see how different off-page tactics help brands gain more recognition and trust from their consumers. This ultimately leads to improved search rankings and higher ROI for brands. 

Effective Tips on How To Improve Off-Page SEO

Broadly, improving off-page SEO is all about improving users’ and search engine perception of a site’s quality.

You can achieve this by getting links from expert, authoritative and trustworthy (EAT) websites, shares of your content, brand mentions, and “votes of confidence” (quality backlinks, reviews and comments) from external sources.

Here are some of the time-tested tips you can use to implement or improve off-page SEO to your benefit.

  • Earn High Backlinks from High- Authority Websites

Are you publishing content on other websites for more backlinks but not seeing any ranking improvements? You may be investing your time and effort in acquiring more backlinks, but not quality ones.

Backlinking is not just about quantity but QUALITY as well. Unfortunately, most digital marketers tend to forget this rule. Always look for credible websites to get backlinks from. Having many links from highly credible websites tells Google that you are providing relevant and quality content that the audience enjoys. Essentially, quality backlinks are a “vote of confidence” for your website.

Certain factors can help you decide a site’s status or “authenticity”, including domain authority (DA), page authority, and those with the most link juices. While earning backlinks from high-quality websites is not easy, the likelihood increases by regularly creating valuable, authentic, quality content. Doing this can get you links and mentions organically from website publishers. 

  • Building Broken Links  

For those who aren’t aware, broken links are non-functional links on the website that have stopped working for various reasons. These are usually hyperlinks on a website linked to empty or non-existent external web pages.

Building broken links on a website is another effective way to improve off-page SEO. Sadly, only a few website owners do it. In a survey by Semrush, over 40.5% of websites have broken links.

Building broken links is easy and faster than guest blogging and could provide a significant approach to earning the right links.

So, the trick is: you will find innumerable broken links on various websites, even on the high-authority ones. You can ask their website owners to replace broken links with valid ones for your website. This will help them eliminate their broken link, and you could earn a high-quality backlink on that website. 

  • Build A Responsive Social Media Presence 

Make social media an invaluable component of your off-page SEO strategies. Why? Because social media is where most of your target consumers look for you as answers or solutions to their questions.

Say a customer has an unmet need and is seeking, “where can I buy a luxurious watch in Melbourne?”. After getting some results from Google AutoSuggest, they are likely to visit social media, ask questions relevant to their search and find answers from their friends, family, and acquaintances.

Being unresponsiveness on your social media can negatively impact your brand value, as shown in the image below:


Hence, to leverage social media for your off-page SEO effort, you should

  1. Be There: Have someone monitor your social media all the time and engage and interact with your audience to reply to their comments and reviews.
  2. Be Human: Stand up to your audiences’ expectations and indulge in genuine interaction. Do not sound like a robot or a salesman.
  3. Be Proactive: Use your social media to help and guide people on things related to your industry, even if they don’t directly link to your brand or its offerings. In short, be a source for the online community.
  • Connect With Online Influencers  

One of the biggest benefits of social media for off-page seo is building and nurturing lasting relationships with influencers.

As you know, influencers have massive reach, widespread recognition, a huge following, and many connections with popular brands or high-ranking websites. They also have connections with other influencers.

When the question of how to improve off-page SEO arises, connecting with top influencers in your industry can be an effective strategy. Enlist them and get to know them in person via events and online sources, like tweets and group chats. This way, you will be on their radar. They are more likely to recognise your brand and share your content themselves when you post something new on your social handles.

Once you get a mention of your brand on their channel, you can develop a stronger relationship and collaborate on a specific product/service promotion.

  • Encourage Customer Reviews

Generating customer reviews online can benefit you in many ways. These provide your potential customers with social proof while increasing trust and improving your off-page seo.

Simply encourage your existing customers to leave reviews on portals such as YellowPages, Twitter, Google MyBusiness, and Yelp. In return, you can reward them with a coupon or a discount on their next purchase.

Make sure the reviews appear genuine. Customers can spot fake reviews and can even flag Google if there are so many of them.  

  • Commit To Visiting Forums and Discussion Boards & Blog Commenting 

Do you want to get the attention of your target audience and the influencers they follow? Indulge in blog commenting!

And it’s simple - visit the most popular blogs in your industry and leave comments.

Despite the benefits blog commenting have, these are falling in popularity largely. That is because comment spams lead to blogs no-following their links.

The solution is to make links less priority when it comes to off-page SEO.Your goal should be to leave a thoughtful comment that might get the attention of the platform’s editor, blogger, and even influencers who might be reading the blog.

Visit sites like Quora and Reddit and follow topics specific to your vertical, and you can be noticed quickly for commenting knowledgeable, thoughtful and empathetic information.

Commenting regularly and genuinely can help you with reputation management and build strong relationships that will fuel your off-page efforts. 

  • Quit Guest Blogging For Links 

Should you do guest posting for SEO? As Stone Temple Consulting’s Eric Enge wrote,As a primary objective, I’d say no. But… reality is that the indirect impact remains very powerful,”. “There is nothing like building your reputation and visibility to cause people to want more of your content. You get to build up your audience, and ultimately some of these people will find their way to your site, find great content there, and link to it.”

Online marketers should quit guest blogging for links and use this powerful tactic to build an online rapport with some of the renowned editors, top publishers, brands, and influencers. 

Connect with some of the top names in your industry, and read and leave comments on their blogs. Once you build a reputation for creating quality content, look if you have the opportunity to create a guest post for the platform. If that option isn’t available, you can also hone your pitch for other publishers.

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