Trends in Social Media Marketing - You should know!!

January 1, 2020

Trends in Social Media Marketing - You should know!!

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Brands are trying various ways to connect with audiences across various social platforms. It becomes harder for brands, day after day, to catch people’s attention as competition starts increasing and attention spans have decreased to less than 8 seconds. Each day, users will have to scroll through 300 feet of contents just to give brands a small window of time to grab users’ attention. So, how can you possibly trust building ideas, which can work for speed of feed? There are some proven trends, which are believed to have biggest impact on social media strategy in this year, 2019.

Chatbots to make customer service a lot faster:

Chatbots are no longer considered to be clunky and robotic machines, which they were previously. They are practically bots, able to provide instant connection with customers from all around the world. They are able to solve customer issues. This year, you might come across so many brands, bigger and small, which are testing out chatbots with various success degrees.

  • As per a survey, around 20% of business related content can be generated by machine. If machines can be well taught to create some relatable and genuine stories, then the marketing and advertising potential is worth investigating.
  • Chatbots will provide brands with the chance to quickly interact with audience in ways it might feel personal. As bots are turning out to be smarter and more like human, you can easily customize the brand voice and send some of the personalized messages to users directly.
  • The quickest ever adaptors to the chatbots are mainly millennial with around 60% of them having used chatbots already and around 71% saying that they would like to try chatbot experience from some of the major brands.

For best engagement rate you can move towards ephemeral contents:

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories might lead to popularity of the current ephemeral content. Most of these contents are shared for around 24 hours and then will disappear forever. Brands are trying to create some content for social channels and also with a separate strategy for ephemeral content-based marketing.

  • This content proves to be more authentic. There are so many brands these days using IG profile for high quality and best content and stories for real time content.
  • As the content is lost within hours, so making your followers take faster action and marketers gain from it. It is a must to have one social content strategy near hand. Storytelling is proven to be the future of social content marketing.
  • Having stories appearing at top of followers’ feeds will help in keeping your brands at the top. There are over 250 M stories on daily basis. It is your time to make the words count.

The growing craze of augmented reality:

The field of augmented reality on some of the mobile devices will provide niche and some engaging ways for the marketers to reach target audience. It is super easy, quick and quite interactive at the same time.

  • Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X to users, which come with new augmented reality based experiences. So, it is likely to be adding some more social channels, which will introduce new ways of adding AR into platforms.
  • You can already see Snapchat rolling out new AR feature, which will allow users to use Bitmoji and project images into real world through the app’s camera.
  • With the growth of AR, Virtual FOMO will become a reality. People can start feeling like they are actually missing out this world and want to become a major part of it. So, social media can prove to help AR go quite main stream.

Be sure to note down the points:

If you want your online sector to grow, it is mandatory that you head for the points first. You might need to add influencer marketing in the list as well. Ask experts now for some impressive help.

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