Umbraco Web Development Benefits

March 16, 2023

Umbraco Web Development Benefits

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An open-source content management system (CMS) is a necessity for almost every website developer today. The convenience and flexibility that CMS offer significantly reduce the burden of every site owner in managing their websites.

Among the many good CMS options available, Umbraco is an excellent platform for website development. It is a dynamic, user-friendly, and versatile CMS. Umbraco allows you to operate small business websites and huge applications.

Umbraco benefits have made it a top choice among developers and CMS managers. Because of its extensive features, over 731438 websites are running on Umbraco currently. 

What Is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open-source content management system released on February 16th, 2005. It is built on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.  This open CMS enables you to run small brochures, business websites, or huge applications with its fully-featured environment and bulk of extended tools.

Since Umbraco is developed using, one of the best platforms for professional programmers, it is extremely popular.

Umbraco provides cloud hosting for e-commerce platforms for those who don’t want to spend time setting up and managing personal website hosting.

The emerging platform is extremely powerful, extendable, and flexible. This is why it can run anything from small websites to complex applications.

Developers can use easily use the API using development tools. It also gives them complete access to the CMS features. It simplifies importing content from legacy applications, for which it offers a well-documented API.

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Benefits Of Umbraco Web Development

Here we have listed some of the Umbraco benefits that make it an ideal CMS for your website:

  • Open For All, Available For Free

Umbraco is an open-source CMS, meaning anybody can use it. Moreover, it’s free, so you don’t have to pay anything to access or use its features and tools. You will just have to pay for the design services you seek from a Umbraco web development agency.

Since it’s open source, you can use the code and customise it to your website's preferred look, feel and functionality. Also, the free version is ideal for websites that don’t need technical support. However, if you access its advanced tools, you will be asked to pay for them. 

  • Simple User Interface

The simple user interface of Umbraco allows you to build web pages without having HTML expertise. This makes it super easy to work with this platform with minimal to zero training.

Further, developers find Umbraco easy to set up and manage templates, page types, content, and plugins. This helps businesses save a lot of time and money on development and maintenance with a cleaner codebase.

Besides, even content managers love Umbraco for its simple UI. They can quickly add content on their own without any help from a tech person or developers.

  • Infinite Customisability

There’s no use of a platform that doesn’t give you the freedom to experiment with your website. Luckily, Umbraco isn’t such a platform.

This open-source platform is easily customisable, allowing you to enhance or expand your website anytime. Advanced features, such as eCommerce, database, membership, and anything that you might need later on for your website, you can build them all on demand.

While some site-building platforms have plugins, others need to be developed to integrate third-party content. This can be time-consuming. On the other hand, Umbraco makes it simple to incorporate providers within its system. All thanks to its open-source nature! 

  • Highly Secure

By default, Umbraco is very secure. It also provides developers with additional security capabilities to secure their development environment as much as possible. These include:

1. Umbraco API - Authorisation

Umbraco offers certain API controller tools (based on user membership) to strengthen the security of the development environment.

2. Umbraco - 2FA Authentication

This platform uses a 2FA authentication solution to enable two-factor authentication when logging into the Umbraco back office.

Other security solutions that Umbraco offers are:

  1. Use of HTTPS
  2. Back-office user authentication using ASP.NET Identity
  3. Custom password control.
  4. Passwords provided via ASP.NET Membership Providers
  5. Marking fields as sensitive hides the data in those fields from back-office users who are not authorised to see members’ personal data.
  • Improved Website Performance 

A fast-loading website is crucial both for users and search engines. And you can make this possible through Umbraco web development! It is dynamic caching, and built-in content delivers an unrivalled browsing experience to your visitors. Further, the back office CSS and Java optimisation tools it offers are effective in editing a website. 

  • Easy To Integrate

Another benefit of web development using Umbraco, which makes it popular among developers, is its ability to integrate easily with other applications and platforms. It can seamlessly adapt to various platforms, including ERP Systems, web analytics and statistics tools, payment gateways, and even other CMS.

  • Extensive Control

Umbraco gives developers complete control over how they want to build their websites. Whether it’s incorporating a function such as a contact form or a table, it’s all fast with Umbraco website development.

With just a few clicks, you can download and install a package to incorporate any functionality you want. This gives you more flexibility and control to customise your website without having professional design expertise. 

  • Extensive Community Support

With Umbraco, you will always have support from a supportive community. It has over 200,000 members contributing to developing the Umbraco community globally. This community comprises developers, individual marketers, designers, and partner companies. Hence, with Umbraco, you can rest assured of getting a quick response to any problems you might face.

You can ask questions about development or use the platform and get expert advice. The community is available 24/7, so you are never alone.


Umbraco is a CMS that doesn’t get in the way of things and offers complete flexibility. It lets you unfold your ideas, talent, and creations to build websites that just work as intended. With Umbraco, you get a clean slate of open Source ASP.NET CMS, so you can build or extend your website as you wish.

Key Umbraco Benefits for Developers:

  • Flexibility to do things your way.
  • Many plugins enable you to integrate and expand as much as you want.
  • Open Source Community for all-time support.

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