What is an SSL Certificate? Why is it necessary for a website?

March 9, 2023

What is an SSL Certificate? Why is it necessary for a website?

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Do you feel safe for your business website? Can you ensure the safety of all your client and customer data on your website? Do you know what is an SSL Certificate? Here’s all you need to know about SSL certificates if you are a website owner.   

Whether you have a website that informs people about your products or services or sells products online, securing it should be your priority. Cybercrimes spiked to 148% during COVID-19. Further, the average cost of cybercrimes for organisations is $13 million.

Further, nearly 62% of adults find it difficult to trust the source of information online. The numbers validate the need for website security, making it more paramount than ever. Hence, you should implement the best security mechanisms to protect your website and its data.

This is why SSL certificate is required - to protect sensitive and confidential website data from thefts and other cybercrimes.

Having an unsecured website isn't just bad for your business and audience but also for your website's search engine rankings. Hence, your website needs an SSL Certificate, even if you don't sell anything online. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate lets visitors know that accessing your website is safe. It reassures them of having an encrypted connection that protects mutual communications while they browse.

According to Kaspersky, “An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website's identity and enables an encrypted connection.” A website with an SSL certificate can proudly represent itself as credible and truthful. If you visit a website with a padlock icon next to its URL, it is SSL protected.

SSL certificate keeps your internet connections secure, preventing cyber thieves from accessing or modifying information transferred between two systems. It does this by creating an encrypted link between the user’s web browser and the server. 

The link ensures that any data transmitted between the server and browser cannot be interpreted/read without decryption. This way, SSL encryption enhances data security and protects it from being understood by intruders.

But do you know what type of SSL certificate is ideal for your business?

Types Of SSL Certificates

While now you know what is an SSL Certificate, you should be aware of its types before you head towards getting one. 

Primarily, there are three types of SSL Certificates, which include:

  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate

    These are easily attainable and require proof of your domain ownership. A DV certificate shows trust indicators for users of the browser. For example, the HTTPS:// string in the website URL is a trust indicator.

    However, this certificate does not validate business legitimacy and is not ideal for e-commerce websites. So, if you have a generic business website or an informational blog, get a DV certificate to validate its domain control.
  • Organisation Validation (OV) Certificate

This next level of authentication verifies your business identity and legitimacy. An organisation must prove that it owns the domain name it wants to secure. It should also confirm that the business linked to the domain is legally registered.

In the case of OV certificates, you receive trust indicators, such as the HTTPS:// string and a padlock next to your site’s URL.

  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

    This is the highest level of website security for businesses and the industry standard for all e-commerce sites. However, getting an EV certificate requires a thorough vetting of your business. Having the EV SSL certificate ensures ultimate website security and maximum customer confidence.

    Choosing the right type of SSL certificate is always recommended based on your business type and needs. 

Why SSL Certificate Is Required?

SSL certificates are a must-have for your website’s security, safety and trustworthiness. Besides, you will likely lose a lot of customers if your website isn’t secure. And that’s not just it. Your website may be prone to other risks if it’s not secured. 

Here are the major reasons that signify the importance of SSL certificate: 

  • Establish and Enhance Data Security  

Websites may contain sensitive information like credit card details, passwords, etc. Any unauthorised person accessing such information can steal identities and cause significant harm to the business or the customers. Having SSL certificates protect customer data from cyber criminals and cyber attacks. 

  • Boosts Trust Among Customers

Users look for websites that are credible, trustworthy and secure for their data. When you don't have an SSL certificate, every time a user visits your website, they will get a warning suggesting it isn't safe. This will likely cause them to lose their trust in your business and compel them to jump to your competitors. 

  • Authenticates Your Brand Identity

SSL Encryption not only secures your site but also validates your business and proves its legitimacy. This increases your brand reputation because it ensures your customers they are seeking information or buying products from an authentic website.  

  • Meets PCI/DSS Requirements

This is especially a boon for e-commerce websites or any website that engages in online transactions. PCI/DSS is a Payment Card Industry Security Standard applicable to all companies that store, accept, and process cardholder data. It is a mandatory standard for every e-commerce website.  

But if your website isn’t SSL certified, you may not be able to collaborate with a payment processor to sell online.

  • Improves Ranking On Search Engines

A website with an SSL certificate can get rewards from Google in the form of higher search engine rankings. An SSL certificate tells search engines that a website is secure for users and protected by cybercrimes.

In a Google update on August 6, 2014, it confirmed that websites with an SSL certificate (https://) would get an added advantage in the SERPs. 

With an SSL Certificate, not just readers but search engines also tend to trust you more. Naturally, when you have a secure website, it drives more readers, thereby increasing your traffic. This ultimately helps you get a boost in your search rankings. 

Secure Your Website With SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate has become a necessity for websites regardless of their size and type. It is a strong security measure for every website and can help you achieve results like more traffic, better search rankings, improved brand reputation and customer trust.

So, if you haven't yet applied for an SSL certificate, do it now. Ask your hosting provider or website developer to help you get an SSL certificate if you don’t know the SSL certification process. 

How Can Digiwhiz Help?

As a reputed website development company in Melbourne, we understand what is an SSL certificate and the importance it holds for websites and businesses. Hence, when we develop a website for our client, we ensure to secure it with every possible measure that protects its existence, functionality and reputation. An SSL certificate is one such security measure.

Whether you want us to help you with website development or redesigning the existing one, we can help! We will deliver an eye-catching, responsive, and SSL-certified secure website to you.

For more details or to discuss your requirements, contact us right away! Call us on (+61) 0415 107 094

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