Comparison of Umbraco and other CMS Platforms

July 2, 2021

Comparison of Umbraco and other CMS Platforms


The best CMS systems are robust, and Umbraco is the most dynamic CMS in existence. Don't put your business at risk - trust Umbraco to power your operation.

Everyone wants a well-developed website with an intuitive interface and strong security system. Umbraco offers many features that set it apart from other systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

As a leading web development company in Melbourne for Umbraco, we know what constitutes a good CMS. We use Umbraco every day and swear by its functionality, versatility and flexibility.

Here are some insights that our experts would like to share with you. Let's begin with understanding what Umbraco is and does.

What is Umbraco?

Designed to create a secure and reliable system with the functionality required by a truly professional CMS, Umbraco is a highly intuitive hub for all of your online content. It is a powerful open-source CMS that provides the tools you need to create stunning websites. It's easy and intuitive, so your whole team can get involved.

Even the most effective website content needs to be continually updated to stay relevant and exciting. Its code for the software is available to anyone, enabling businesses of any size, scale and budget to use it at a reasonable cost.

With the help of Umbraco, you can create anything from brochures to sophisticated campaigns. It gives you the power to create limitless possibilities.

Umbraco vs Other CMS

Until you've used Umbraco, it might be hard to understand why so many people shout its praises. Digiwhiz' team of website designers have compared Umbraco to other popular CMSs, and here's what they have to say:


Joomla is a powerful CMS created for both experienced designers and content publishers. It is an open-source solution that handles the tricky task of integrating business and commerce much better than competing platforms.

Although there's some overlap in functionality, Umbraco has many more extensions and templates to choose from. It seems to have a slight edge over Joomla with its documentation, support, and ease of use.


Drupal is a content management system aimed at advanced developers and designers. It allows you to create powerful websites capable of handling huge volumes of visitors and hundreds of thousands of content pages. Its flexibility enables users to create anything from a simple blog to an impressive business website.

However, with the release of Umbraco 8, the Umbraco CMS became more efficient with its super-fast speed. From pre-publishing to live, users visiting an Umbraco-developed website will have a lightning-fast experience on desktops and, more importantly, on mobile.


WordPress is a very popular CMS, powering over 29% of all websites in general. The community consists of passionate users and developers who make new plugins, themes, and features for others to use and enjoy. Originally built as an option for those who already had a website, the popularity of WordPress grew quickly, and it is now considered the most popular CMS on the web.

Huge competition exists between WordPress and Umbraco, but Umbraco is the clear winner. WordPress is an excellent free and open-source solution for anyone looking to build a blog or website, but with ease of use often comes a limited user experience. Umbraco bridges that gap for those looking for the "next level" of benefits in managing website content.


Sitecore provides customers with a digital experience platform for managing web content and marketing automation. This technology helps you create, manage, and optimise customer experiences across every digital channel.

In the battle of Umbraco versus Sitecore, Umbraco is simply a free CMS, whereas Sitecore is not. And because Umbraco is open source (free), anyone can use it.

Digiwhiz and Umbraco

The Digiwhiz team is committed to providing superior quality work. Our initial partnership with Umbraco themes has spanned numerous websites over the past eight years.

Working solely with Umbraco, we are your local web design company in Melbourne. We are proud to contribute to the Umbraco project. It's a big deal for us to be an active member of the community and, as a result, we are now experts in this product. By working on multiple different projects, we have become familiar with the unique requirements of every business and know precisely how Umbraco can service those needs.

We work with you to design a fully customised website that you'll be sure to love. All our sites are seamlessly integrated with the Umbraco CMS.

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