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Web Design Services in Melbourne That Recognise Your Customer is the Key to Your Business

Effective websites deliver results that amplify your business and encourage visitors to engage with your site and ultimately convert to paying customers.

The best web design brings together different disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of websites. Digiwhiz is a premium, client-centric web design company in Melbourne boasting a team of web and graphic designers who understand that usability, functionality and approachability are as important as aesthetics when considering a dynamic user experience.

Optimal web design, which also includes web development, should have a primary focus on user interaction rather than the technical software aspect of development because ultimately helping users fulfil their needs or objectives is what you as a business are hoping to do.

This is why our web design company Melbourne team takes the time to understand both your business objectives and its audience as part of our design process, which we then capitalise on as we consider the aesthetics of the overall design. The creation of a functional and interactive website improves the brand reach, attracting more customers.

And with our high success rate, we’ve progressively become well-known for delivering what we promise – the very best in web design services in Melbourne.

Our Web Design Process

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Gaining an Intricate Understanding of Your Business

The first step in our web design process is identifying what lies at the heart of a web design project, so careful consideration of your business goals, your audience, business triggers and other important factors is undertaken.

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User Experience and Interactivity

The key to optimising user experience is building into your web design simple conversion instructions, an easily navigable layout and clear labelling. After gaining a thorough understanding of your business, our web design company Melbourne UX team plans out a sitemap, which is the blueprint for your site and enables us to generate a wireframe. The wireframe is important because it is used to lay out content and functionality that takes into account user needs and journeys. During the design process, all static pages from the website are mocked-up to give you a sense of what the final product will look like and how it will act.

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Visual Design Delivery

Once the wireframe is built out, our team works on the page layout based on the wireframe, with a clear focus on SEO-friendly content using higher levels of application-focused tools to ensure your site ranks higher in search.

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