Five ways SEO and Website Design Go Together

January 5, 2021

Five ways SEO and Website Design Go Together

Website Design

It is essential to focus on a variety of factors to improve a website's performance. Every element of the website plays a crucial role. Often, people mistake SEO and web design as two separate components, but this is not the case.

A website becomes discoverable by performing better on every Search Engine Result Page (SERP). All it takes is thoughtful and consistent SEO-friendly content. Many businesses don't realise that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs to be built in the web design process. From a best practice, perspective, it is not advisable to create a website first, then add SEO content later. When it comes to enjoying the benefits of SEO, responsive web design plays a significant role.

To ensure all factors are considered, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a Local SEO Melbourne Agency.

Let's look at five factors that show how SEO and web design blend together.

Website Speed

Slow websites create a negative impact on the user. Visitors make immediate judgements about the brand and the company's capabilities. Most customers don't spend much time on a website; if your site is slow, they will be quick to give up and move on to visit your competitors.

Slow websites cause the bounce rate to be higher, which may affect its ranking. Therefore, a fast website is always suggested in order to retain visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

Mobile Friendliness

More and more people now access the internet through their smartphones. While website browsing does still take place over a desktop, this type of usage has significantly reduced. As a result, websites must be mobile-friendly. This directly affects the ranking of your website because good, responsive web design will rank higher on the Search Engine Ranking Pages.

For effective and responsive websites, get guidance from your local SEO Melbourne experts.


Website keywords and usability engage in a symbiotic relationship to attract visitors to your site. A sitemap is a file which provides information about the videos, pages and other files on your website, while also highlighting the relationship between them. Sitemaps assist your visitor’s navigation through your website.

Sitemaps are centralised content planning tools. They are divided into menus and sub-menus.

Easy to Read Design

Website design has a marked impact on the presentation of your content. Poor website design can make it difficult for users to read. Pages with large blocks of content, spaced weirdly, with many hyperlinks, don't serve a positive purpose. This confuses the user and makes it difficult to understand the real intent and message of your business.

An easy-to-read website will show your customers how your service or product will make their lives easier or better. It delivers the exact purpose and meaning of your business. Digiwhiz, a web design company in Melbourne, understands exactly how to create impactful, efficient websites with high conversion rates.

Fresh and Engaging content

Using good content creates informative web pages that educate your customer and rank higher on search engines. Google loves sites that have a clear structure and strategically placed keywords. Also, when your pages are updated with new content, it shows Google that the site is alive. This increases the bots’ crawling frequency and assists in moving your website up in the overall ranking.

There is a distinct benefit to creating a website that blends effective and attractive web design with suitable SEO components.

For expert advice, contact Digiwhiz, your local SEO and Web Design Agency in Melbourne

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