Four Ways to Improve your Website Design to Boost Sales

December 15, 2020

Four Ways to Improve your Website Design to Boost Sales

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E-commerce is a fast-evolving industry. Allowing people to browse and make purchases from the comfort of their home or office, this revolutionary development has changed the face of shopping across the world. To be successful and effective in this competitive industry, e-commerce businesses must focus on creating an easy shopping experience for their customers.

Even though the e-commerce industry is developing quickly, the sales from individual businesses have not necessarily increased in the same way. If your business sales are lagging, it’s a good idea to review the effectiveness of your website and explore ways to convert your website visitors to sales.

Creative, individualised web design is one of the most effective ways to boost your e-commerce business. A smart design, based on the consumer’s needs, will maximise the user’s experience and encourage them through the purchasing process. Every aspect of your online presence, from the brand logo to your website's appearance and usability, is an opportunity to connect with your customers and increase sales. Conversely, a poorly designed website that is difficult for users to navigate will negatively impact your business and its e-commerce model.

Digiwhiz is an expert web design company in Melbourne which provides high-quality web design solutions. Our team works with you to ensure that your business website will serve its purpose and clearly represent your business needs.

Here are Digiwhiz’ 4 tips to improve your website design to boost sales.

1. Optimise your website's loading speed

An e-commerce business is as strong as its website. A good website allows you to connect with your customers, shows them how your products can make their lives easier, and guides them through the purchasing process. But, if your website is slow and doesn't respond quickly, even a well-constructed website will fail. Therefore, the first thing that should be addressed is your website's loading time.

Data-intensive photos and graphics can make it take longer to load. It is advisable to have a cleanly designed website with minimal images and graphics. To maintain good quality images that create ease in navigation, it is best practice to include minimal brand-specific graphic elements.

2. Target customers through attractive ads and effective email campaigns

It's best to address your existing customers than to address new clients. Your existing customers form a loyal base; your business should make a concerted effort to retain them. However, in doing so, you should not bypass the additional opportunity to attract new customers.

To do this, it is a solid strategy to run effective advertising and email campaigns. In order to grow your e-commerce business quickly, you must focus on marketing efforts and gaining repeat sales. Reaching out to your existing customers via emails containing compelling offers will appeal to your customers and encourage them to purchase your products.

3. Create an impact on your home page

The home page or landing page of your website is the first thing that your customer will see. It should, therefore, be all-inclusive and uniquely showcase your offers and products.

The design of your landing page should be relatively simple. It should avoid distractions and provide a clear call to action to ease and encourage the purchase process. It works best if the entire process of adding products to the cart and making the payment is straightforward.

4. Provide social proof to boost customer confidence

People are often influenced by reviews. Customer reviews of your products add value to your website. Sharing existing customers’ experiences and opinions of your products will build trust and confidence, and encourage new prospects to purchase. It is advisable to place testimonials and reviews in prominent spots, but they should not overshadow the call to action.

There are many varied strategies that can be implemented to convert your e-commerce solutions into a sales magnet. The Digiwhiz team pride ourselves on being one of the best web design companies in Melbourne, providing web solutions throughout Australia and the world.

Get in touch with our trustworthy experts who will guide you through website improvements designed to boost your sales.

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