13 Important Things to Know Before Creating a Website in 2023

November 10, 2022

13 Important Things to Know Before Creating a Website in 2023

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A functional, user-friendly, and creative website is essential in this internet era. Businesses across industries and of all sizes need a website for many fascinating reasons. Whether you are a Melbourne-based service provider or want to sell your products overseas, there might be several fascinating opportunities you might miss by not having a website for your business. If you have decided to go digital and be prepared to have a website, here are some essential things to know before creating a website.

Having a website opens up several new horizons of opportunities for your business. From a range of the latest digital marketing gimmicks to tailored strategies that comply with your business niche, you can achieve steady business growth when you focus on the following points while creating a website:

(1) Choose a domain host that you can be proud of:

Choose a domain name that represents your brand's voice without saying much, e.g. Google or Yahoo. Additionally, you need to ensure that the domain name is hard to misspell. When a domain name identifies with the brand and is easy to spell, it improves your website's chances of ranking better on search engine results. In short, choose a domain name that is more accessible to gain more customers.

(2) Ask the following questions while looking for hosting packages:

  • Will your website be media-rich, i.e. lots of pictures, videos, and graphics?
  • Do you have in-house technical support, or will you depend on your hosting provider?
  • The amount of expected website traffic in the near future.
  • Is the hosting company reliable for getting scalable solutions?
  • Check additional features, security, and backup are offered by the hosting provider.

Make a final decision only after you get satisfactory answers to the above questions.

(3) Excellent backend services (CMS "Content Management System" / Software):

Having robust backend services is essential to maintain the optimum functionality of your website. You can be creative with the graphics and design of your website, but without excellent backend services, you cannot give your users the 'wow' experience. Website without remarkable backend services leaves you with poor use experience and  ROI. Magento and WordPress are few of the popular platforms to create a functional website. However, Umbraco web development CMS (Content Management System) is getting increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes to create beautiful and highly functional websites and data-driven apps, accessible from any devices.

(4) Sleek design:

One of the most vital things to know before creating a website is that a clean and attractive website design goes a long way. You can keep a simple design or use heavy graphics, but the purpose is to provide a convenient user experience. Your design should be communicative and allow users to focus on your brand and content. Ensure that all the design elements create a universal theme.

(5) Colour Scheme:

Persuasion through the psychology of colours is one of the most interesting aspects of marketing. Colours are powerful enough to evoke different emotional responses within us. Yellow is considered the happiest colour; green represents growth, health, and peacefulness, while red and blue showcase excitement and trust. Certain colours broadly align with specific traits. However, to create a colour theme with the right combination on your website, you must research and ensure that the overall design appeals to your audience.

(6) Maintaining optimum functionality:

Certain factors lead to poor website functionality, such as loading issues, broken links, etc. you need to ensure that all the features available on your website have smooth functioning. Keep the customer feedback section and contact form easily accessible. Poor website functionality undoubtedly disappoints customers and causes them to leave the website.

(7) Navigation:

Your website should be easy to navigate. To provide smooth site navigation, judge your website from a new customer's point of view. To make site navigation more convenient for users and help search engines to crawl your site, you should add a site map. If it seems overwhelming, you can always get help from a professional. Look for a Melbourne website design company to help you with your website design requirements.

(8) SEO-friendly code:

Your website coding should be SEO-friendly. Not only will it help rank better in search results, but it will also deliver the best return on investment. Clean codes help search engines easily crawl your website content.

(9) Your website should be compatible with multiple browsers:

You should leave no stone unturned while designing and developing a website, which includes making the website compatible with different browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more. It ensures that you are available to your customers at the time of their convenience, regardless of their browser preferences.

(10) Mobile sites Vs. responsive sites:

One of the crucial things to know before creating a website is to have a mobile-friendly design. In recent years, mobile devices have been preferred for online searches, and most customers may be using mobiles to find local products or service providers. You must be well-prepared for all the fronts in today's competitive market. Ensure your website design is responsive on different mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

(11) Social Media Integration:

Social media integration is not a novelty in today's time; it's an essential marketing need. Social media has proved to be the most effective medium for sharing information today. Lack of presence on social media leaves you with slow business growth in the fast-moving market. You can reach out directly to your customers with product images, branded videos, and news related to your company. You need to be present on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and more.

(12) Effective Security:

Web security is vital for preventing hackers and cyber thieves from accessing important information from your website. Poor website security increases the risk of malware attacks, viruses, malicious apps, and damage to IT infrastructure. You need a good security strategy to protect sensitive data on your website. Ensure that you have included the required security features in your website's framework during the development phase. You should conduct regular security checks to maintain optimum website security.

(13) Original and engaging content:

You should choose your words carefully while giving voice to your brand. Website content that provides detailed information about your products and services increases customer loyalty and improves your brand's reputation. Keep the website content original and SEO-friendly for better rankings on search engines. Keep the website content crisp with the required keywords and links to credible sources. Make sure that the content is plagiarism-free to avoid penalties from Google.

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These are trending things to know before creating a website in 2023. Your website is the front of your business, and you should not fail to pay attention to every detail to build trust and long-term relationships with your customers. From choosing the right domain name and hosting package to advanced security features, easy navigation, and mobile-friendly design, all these factors contribute to having a strong digital foundation for your business.

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