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January 5, 2021

E-commerce web design Melbourne

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From the landing page to checkout, your e-commerce website must be carefully designed to maximize customer conversion rates. Recent surveys reveal that the average e-commerce website conversion rate is approximately 12%, even though many businesses focus time and money on acquiring customers and building brand awareness. The design of your e-commerce website is vitally important in both attracting and converting clients through your website.

Increase Sales through Clever E-commerce Website Design

Businesses that invest in e-commerce usually want to increase their online presence and build brand recognition. Boosting the success of an e-commerce site requires a significant amount of effort. To optimise these efficiencies, your e-commerce site should be designed to encourage conversions.

Your customer’s journey is the key

Make it easy, enjoyable and tempting for your clients to visit your e-commerce website. Lead them through the process, create urgency and keep the purchasing process simple.

Increase your website's conversion rates with these expert tips from Digiwhiz e-commerce website design in Melbourne

  • Anticipate what the customer is looking for

Potential customers fall under two categories:

1. People who know exactly what they want
2. Window shoppers’ who wish to look around and browse

Both groups can be catered for through the clever design of useful search engine capabilities and navigation. For example, sites with a limited number of products may not require a search bar functionality. But a search bar function to guide customers in the right direction is essential for sites with multiple products.

  • Compelling Design

Your e-commerce website design is crucial. Quite simply, if your web pages aren't designed for your customer to easily navigate, they will feel frustrated, give up and move on.

A visually appealing and persuasive website design will lead your customer through the decision-making and purchasing process and will encourage them to complete their transaction.

Digiwhiz experts are an experienced e-commerce web design team. They possess profound technical knowledge and practical understanding of the power of a cleverly designed website. The team is well-equipped to handle the complex nuances of e-commerce websites.

  • Easy to navigate

If your visitors are unable to quickly and easily find what they are looking for, they will leave your website to search elsewhere. Make it simple for visitors to locate and purchase the service or product they require. Your website navigation should be straightforward and hassle-free; the navigation bar must be easy to locate, preferably situated at the top of the website.

  • Leverage quality product images

In a primarily visual medium, gorgeous, high-quality pictures attract customers. Clear, easy-to-see imagery is an important part of creating a dominant e-commerce web design that converts browsers to paying clients. Using good quality and well-designed product images markedly improve website conversion rates.

If your products are represented by low-quality or stock images, your customers are likely to experience a negative reaction. They may not be able to relate to the products and will leave your site without making a purchase. This also increases your website’s bounce rate.

Use these strategies to help create a successful E-commerce Website Conversion Ratio.

Digiwhiz’ experienced website team have a well-honed perspective for what is required to consistently increase client conversions. They maintain an up-to-date understanding and follow best practices in e-commerce web design, to ensure the potential for sales is maximised for every customer visit.

Improve your conversion rate! GET IN TOUCH with Digiwhiz for comprehensive, practical and effective e-commerce website design solutions.

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