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Ecommerce Website Design Melbourne

E-commerce Website Design Melbourne: helping you boost up online sales

The internet is a noisy, crowded space with millions of retailers trying to gain the attention of would-be customers. So, winning them over to your business’s website lies in matching your online presence with customer expectations.

With a focus on designing visually stunning websites that also supercharge your business, the Digiwhiz e-commerce website design Melbourne team develops and builds world-class e-commerce platforms that put your business’s best face forward to customers, encouraging greater sales and revenue.

How Digiwhiz can make a difference?

Our e-commerce web design Melbourne solutions match the requirements of every kind of business, from start-ups to SMEs, in a cost-effective, yet high-quality way. And our unique approach means our design process revolves around working closely with you as your digital partner, putting you and your customer’s experience at the center of our work.


ecommerce website design melbourne

An E-Commerce Website that brings sales

  • Buyer psychology is built into designs to improve engagement and conversions.
  • Navigation is clear and easy for users to understand.
  • Sites are 100% responsive, meaning they are optimised for any user, device or browser.
  • The guaranteed loading speed of less than 3 seconds.
  • SEO Friendly, All product pages will be optimised to gain visibility on Google.
  • Easy-to-use product data importers are incorporated into our builds, making it easier for web admins to manage.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations, Secure Payment Processing.

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Three crucial insights when designing best-practice eCommerce Websites

Audience Insight

Audience Insight

Whether it’s finding a plumber, wanting to buy a pair of shoes or researching a holiday, the internet offers a multitude of options for people seeking a solution for their particular problem. The best way to attract and retain customers is by offering the best solution to their problems, so our e-commerce web design Melbourne team unpack audience insights to ensure your site directly addresses customer needs and in doing so maximises customer numbers.

Experience Driven

Experience-driven Insight

Your business ultimately exists to fulfill customer needs, so a customer is often the best judge of how a website works at its best. Complex and confusing user experiences on a website can decrease engagement and conversion. Our e-commerce web design Melbourne team designs compelling e-commerce websites based on user experience, which improves customer retention.

Purchasing Convenience

Purchasing Convenience Insight

How a customer navigates your website is key to conversion, meaning that if the path from the product page to checkout is complicated, your customer might drop the purchase in frustration. Because the ultimate goal of an e-commerce web site is catching both the customer and the sale, our designs focus on a simple, convenient sales and purchase paths, meaning your customers will come back again and again.

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  • Why Do You Need a Good E-Commerce Website?

    A well-designed, responsive and secure website that looks professional will create a positive customer experience. It will also help boost the website's conversion rate because happy customers are more likely to purchase.

  • How Much Does an E-commerce Website Cost?

    The costs of developing a bespoke e-commerce website will vary depending on the project's scale and complexity, which is typically more than a brochure.

  • How Long Does it Take to Redesign a Website?

    A redesign is the process of updating, overhauling and also redesigning your website. Many times you wish to change your design to further differentiate your brand from competitors as well as spur more business. Thus, depending on the requirements, a revamp project may take about a few days to sometimes even a month.

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