8 Landing page optimisation tips

March 21, 2022

8 Landing page optimisation tips

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If your website undergoes a higher bounce rate and a limited lead generation, it may be due to an improper landing page, as better results come from a properly optimised web landing page. Landing page optimisation is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of the business campaigns and provide you with a higher return on investment. From identifying issues with the landing page design, enhancing its functionality and improving the landing page will result in a better conversion rate, you can optimise the landing page to produce maximum results for your business growth. There are multiple landing page optimisation tips that you can consider. Let's have a look!

A/B test your landing page

When it comes to optimising the landing page, testing is one of the most effective practices, as it allows you to experiment with what your users will appreciate. So, you should undoubtedly add practices like A/B testing to your landing page optimisation checklist as it helps you compare two versions of the same content. It includes creating an identical landing page with elements ranging from the colour scheme, design, images and videos that differ from one another. It will allow you to track your audience's behaviour and help you understand which elements work for your optimisation.

Make use of images and videos.

To convert your visitors into customers, you must evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on their minds with compelling aesthetics. Whether it is high-quality pictures or detailed videos, you should ensure to hold a conversation with your users with graphics. However, if you still wonder how to optimise your landing page by providing good images and videos? When the photos and videos on your landing page sync with other components and bring life to the page, it will help you build trust with customers, resulting in potential conversion.

Ensure the quality of written content

If there could be one answer of how to optimise a landing page for conversions, it would be the high quality written content. To ensure that, you have to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the landing page must be search engine optimisation friendly, improving the overall SEO ranking. Also, make sure that the page's content should be informative and short, providing as much clarity as possible. Also, when you are done with drafting, make sure to proofread the content and ensure to have proper text format.

Remember the 5-second rule

The average attention span of a web user is about 5 seconds. So, it ultimately becomes important to leave a lasting impression in the first few seconds of their visit to your website. Because if you visitors come to your website and experience a slow loading page, there are high chances that they bounce back. Thus, you offer your users a smooth UX on your website with a quick loading landing page. It will help your users scan the information and make an opinion about your website, leading to earning conversions.

Be consistent with your branding

One of the many landing page optimisation tips is consistent branding throughout the page. When you maintain consistent branding on your landing page, your brand gets the recognition that makes your audience highly aware of your business. But how to optimise a landing page with consistent branding? There are many ways to do that. For instance, you can engage well with your customers by keeping the design consistent, including similar colours, fonts, and other such elements on the page. Moreover, you can also display your contact information consistently on the page as it directs your users to reach out to you and maximise the results.

Adding social proof

Implementing social proof can work as a bonus in your favour as it helps you build trust with your users and establish a reliable image on the internet. Because when you already have your clients praising your services on your website, you can start with a great first impression on your prospects as they will have something credible to trust. You can add details like the total number of your customers' reviews, and along with that, you can also mention information like certification and media coverage.

Keep the call-to-action clear

A call-to-action on the landing page works as an action button instructing and allowing users to take action. CTAs are to the point on the landing page to avoid confusion. A clear and precise call-to-action button will be easier to understand but add to your conversion rate. Hence, to achieve better results, you can use bright colours and bold text to convey your brand straightforwardly.

Create an offer

A customer is always keen to know what's there for him to have in a deal. Thus no matter how great a user experience you offer with all the required information, the visitor will still look for things he can get from you. So, ensure that you consider making an offer that can anything ranging from a free e-book, a guide or a discount promising something for free. This can be one of the most effective landing page optimisation tips, as no matter how much you offer for free, it would still benefit your business through an increased conversion rate.

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