Reasons to keep your page load time below 3 seconds

October 6, 2021

Reasons to keep your page load time below 3 seconds

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It's easy to see why website speed is critical to success. Top-notch websites are indexed by the search engines more quickly, increasing visibility. They also convert better because users show more interest in faster loading websites. Slow websites reflect poorly on audiences and deter potential customers. Thus, at Digiwhiz we understand the importance of fast loading websites.

Webmasters and SEO specialists recognise the influence of webpage loading speed in Google's search algorithm and therefore develop fast and effective methods. For years, Google has awarded fast page load sites with higher search rankings. Recently, Google further improvised its page load speed ranking algorithms, making it easier for fast websites to rank higher.

57% of all visitors will leave your slow web pages.

Even if they don't click out, they may still bounce off because the website is barely holding their attention. If you're an e-commerce business, this may already be costing you sales.

Don't let it get worse!

A truly professional web design company will perform a thorough report of what is slowing down your website and ensure that things start moving along at a quicker pace. In case there are issues that affect the page load time, web experts will fix it for optimal performance of the site.

Reasons for higher loading time for websites

There are lots of reasons why your website might be slow. We've listed the main ones below.

  • Poor Server Performance

    We have noticed that in most cases, slow websites are hosted on low-cost servers. Often, due to low cost servers, the connection between the server and website is poor. This affects the website speed and performance. High-quality hosting services are necessary if you want your website to be rendered fast.

  • High traffic volume

    Websites with high traffic volumes can give you a real headache in terms of loading times. As it's the case with brick-and-mortar stores, if more people come to browse at once, it can take longer for your site to load.

    Being able to offer content at lightning-fast speeds is critical for business success. Website load time is as important as pleasing designs and content that acts as a serious point of differentiation over your competitors.

  • Large media files are increasing page load time.

    The problem is not with your browser – it's with your images. It looks like you have several unused, high-resolution images on your site, causing your page size to increase dramatically. You need to compress these images to reduce the page load time.

    However, compressing videos can be a little trickier and are usually hosted externally on YouTube or other platforms.

  • Plugins weigh down your site.

    When you install plugins, always confirm if you really need them. If the plugins are bulky, there are higher chances of it affecting your website performance. And if you aren’t sure or feel that you can do away with it, don't install them.

    Additionally, some plugins interfere with the caching technique used to speed up a website. It saves pieces of a site's files, so visitors don't have to download the same file repeatedly.

Digiwhiz, your go-to company for achieving the 3 second load time standard!

We guarantee we'll squeeze every ounce of speed out of your system. We can maximise the potential of your website by providing you with engaging and edgy web design services.

Our vast experience in setting up websites ensures that your site loads in less than 3 seconds. We have delivered pixel perfect websites that are easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing for Melbourne businesses.

For more details, call us today!

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