Tips for upgrading your website performance

August 31, 2021

Tips for upgrading your website performance

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Upgrading is essential to be successful online.

Refreshing your website isn't as hard as you think and can be an experience that's both rewarding and profitable. It is no secret that an effective, high-quality website is crucial, both for your business and customers. There are many facets of a website to consider, ranging from the content to the way it looks and feels. This means that you need to constantly look for ways to keep your site looking its best and functioning optimally.

The most important part of the upgradation process is ensuring that your site is user-friendly; if you have a great product or service, do your best to make sure that everyone knows about it. Thus, when upgrading your website, you need to consider the look, content, user experience, and website responsiveness to search engines' algorithms.

Reasons to upgrade your website.

When was your last website update?

If it's been more than a year, you might want to check out these reasons why it's time to upgrade your business website.

Lower Conversion Rate

A website's conversion rate is significant because it measures your website's effectiveness. Your site's success depends on your audience's ability to do what you want them to do – and that depends on whether or not they're reading your copy or ignoring it. Efficient websites can lead your audience to the desired objective and increase your conversion rate with the right support. Once you've attracted your audience with a relevant organic post, a shade of marketing follows up with paid ads to create brand awareness.

Slow Page Load

Speed is the defining feature and the main selling point. It's found that an extra one-second delay in load time over 3 seconds of a site resulted in a 7% decrease in customer conversions.

Lower Search Engine Ranking

The Rankings indicate the level of power your website has in search engine ranking. It's important for both SEO and marketing purposes. A position on Google's first page will increase your website's organic traffic, which will improve its visibility, popularity, and authority.

The best ways to improve your website performance in the year ahead!

If you're looking to create a website that looks professional and keeps visitors engaged, here are the top ways to boost your site in 2021.

Upgrade your website's design

In today's digital world, it's no secret that using effective design to convey messaging is key for success. However, not all designs are created equal. Your website's content and design should be solid, not boring, because your audience can't stick around for long when it comes to a poorly designed website. Foregoing the excessive use of media/stock photos, you can create a clean and simple layout that focuses on your content.

Keep branding in mind

It's important to incorporate your company's branding into its website to help you have a consistent message across all of your materials. This will also create a clear visual hierarchy for users. If your website is broken up into sections, incorporate one of three colour schemes into the design.

Improve audience's user experience

Users spend the majority of their time on a website trying to find a specific page. When designing your navigation, you should only include pages that are important for your visitors. It should be simple to find what they're looking for, be pleasing to the eye and be easy to use.

Responsive websites

Most business owners only think of the desktop layout of their website, neglecting the mode of access to websites that have evolved. It makes sense for websites to adapt to different resolutions as well.

Whether you're on a desktop or a mobile, the website should respond to your specific needs. Your customer journey should feel natural and effortless despite the device they use.

Integrate social media logins into your website

It’s easy to invite your friends and family to your website with a social login system. When you use a social provider like Twitter, Google, or Facebook for authentication, users can sign in quickly and easily.

Reduce Page Load Time

Your target audience won't stick around and wait for your pages to load. If your website is slow, users will bounce. Your users’ patience threshold is very low. Studies show that the majority of visitors expect websites to load in less than 3 seconds. 97% of visitors prefer to leave a slow-loading website rather than wait longer for it to finish loading.

By loading your site faster than anyone else, you increase the number of people that find you when they are ready to order or book your services now! This is because instant access is the best way to inspire confidence in your site's visitors. It keeps them engaged until they have achieved their goal and ultimately make them come back for more.

Let Digiwhiz help you upgrade your website performance.

Digiwhiz engages with you on multiple occasions to distil insights that would improve your digital presence.

With a great amount of knowledge and expertise, Digiwhiz can make your website an outstanding feat. We take care of every aspect from design to user experience and even your marketing presence. Our passion for producing the best is expressed in each web design we create.

We bring together the right propositions with the website's aesthetics that works smoothly on any platform or device.

Let us upgrade your website today!

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