Modern Website Design Trends and Statistics that Influence Conversions in 2021

May 14, 2021

Modern Website Design Trends and Statistics that Influence Conversions in 2021!

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Web design trends come and go. But minimal, functional, and pragmatic interfaces never go out of fashion. Modern, inviting to users, and easy to understand, they help increasingly discerning consumers connect with brands. Users want to interact with real people, not logos.

As the digital space moves away from complicated computer graphics and heavily typographic interfaces, web designers follow the natural evolution of the internet and lead the way towards a simpler, real-world look. Websites deliver human stories, which is why our designers are always looking for new ways to provide web design services in Melbourne to make your website feel more personal and familiar to your clients.

In 2020, Digiwhiz launched some of the most trending and user-friendly web designs. Keeping up with the tradition, this year our designers continue to explore exciting website design ideas.

Statistics: How Web Design Affects Customer Conversions

To give you a quick insight, Digiwhiz experts have identified how clever web design impacts conversion rates:

  • Visitors judge a website in the first few seconds of their experience. 97% of people make up their minds about the look, feel, and credibility of a site in under a minute.
  • Over 90% of visitors will leave a website within six seconds if they are not convinced that the website is relevant to their needs.
  • When choosing a website, 94% of shoppers look for one that is up to date, easy to use and pleasing to the eye.
  • Website design can make or break your company. 48% of users look at the website design to get a feel for your product or service before even considering doing business with you.
  • 48% of digitally mature organisations have a well-defined AI implementation strategy
  • A powerful, effective design can improve your conversions by up to 200%

5 Website Design Trends in 2021

Here, our designers share web design trends for 2021 that will breathe new life into the digital world.

  1. Parallax Animation

Web animations are all about connecting people. Parallax is a true, multi-dimensional animation technique. From micro-interactions to particle backgrounds, in recent years we've witnessed the rising popularity of animated trends. In such a design, the background and foreground of the page move at different speeds creating a dual perspective illusion. As web-based animations become more and more complex, consumers' expectations also increase.

Animation can be as simple as drawing your attention to a product on a shopping page or as complex as creating an entire character.

2. Comfortable Background Colours

Colour schemes are no longer optional. Our increasingly digital lifestyle means that a computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone is often our primary work tool. And, as we all know, working on screens can strain our eyes. So it's no surprise that designers have stepped in to focus on creating colour schemes that are aesthetically pleasing while also gentle on the eyes.

The dark mode is used for a few reasons, including better readability and high amounts of light. Recently, we have noticed a shift away from the harsh white light of digital devices and into a darker, more soothing space.

3. Scrolling Transformations

When users scroll, they move through both the content and the experience. Adding transitions to your page helps reinforce that interaction. 2021's web designers add more visual feedback to provide a more seamless scrolling experience that allows users to feel more involved with the smooth motion of the website.

Digiwhiz web designers ensure that their attention to detail makes each project as seamless as possible. As a team of experienced designers and developers, our goal is to make your online presence as appealing and effective as possible.

4. Scroll Storytelling

We are becoming increasingly reliant on technology for reading and compelling storytelling. Infographics and visuals are the modern way to tell stories. People find it easier to read and remember complex data when it's broken down into helpful visual representations and shapes. These unique means of communicating ideas can accomplish much more than simple text ever can.

5. AI Support

Support Chatbots are automated customer service portals that help website visitors via instant messaging. They use artificial intelligence to create a more human-like and personalised customer service experience.

New features like more customisation options and real-time analytics have been added to Chatbots so businesses can monitor and improve their chatbot's performance.

Are you ready to upgrade your website for the online trends of 2021?

Digiwhiz, a top web design company in Melbourne, digs deep into the world of web design to continually stay up-to-date with the latest trends and standards in order to create modern, results-driven and unique websites for our fabulous clients.

If your website needs a little pick-me-up, our team has the expertise to generate fresh ideas. We help existing sites get more traffic and convert that traffic into customers.

Get in touch with our expert web designers today!

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