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February 16, 2021

Best Practice Website Design

Website Design

Your website is often created the first impression of your business. It can make or break a customer’s perception and experience. While it can be easy for anyone to build a website nowadays, simply creating a website does not mean it is effective and adds value to your business.

Digital Marketing and Website Design

Web design has a significant role to play in a company's digital marketing strategy. Effective website design:

  • impacts the conversion and bounce rate of a website
  • helps to increase efficiency
  • generates positive results
  • helps people navigate through pages, read the content and take steps towards the purchase

Digiwhiz, a web design company in Melbourne has a team of web design and development strategists who can help you create or update your website to become a lead generation tool.

Valuable Website Design Tips from Digiwhiz’ Expert Designers.

  • Create a design that relates to your business

A website has a significant impact on the way people perceive a business and its quality of services. An ineffective site may impact the brand standing of any business.

A simple and modern design that resonates with your brand's goals and objectives is the best choice for your website. A website's design will either capture a visitor’s interest or cause them to walk away. It is crucial to incorporate eye-catching images with good, easily-readable content.

  • Use Responsive Design

People access websites through multiple devices. A responsive design ensures that users can effectively access web pages through laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Responsive design allows the website to adjust to different browsers and screen sizes. It is important that, irrespective of the device, the browsing experience of the website remains the same across all media.

  • Simple Navigation

The information must be quickly and easily accessed on your website. Navigation should be kept simple and organised; it is a major factor in the success of conversions. In most cases, menus are divided into sub-menus for ease of access. Usually, a horizontal menu bar is created, containing the details of sub-menus and other relevant categories. It is always easier to understand, search and follow when components are categorised. The flow of your website is crucial.

  • Element Spacing

Elements of the website should be differentiated into evenly-spaced sections or blocks. In order to reduce visual noise and bring balance to a website, the design should contain space around the elements.

  • Minimise Text

A website must be informative, but too much text can be distracting and may deviate, the customer. To avoid this, minimise text and express your message visually through the use of images and infographics. This serves to not only break up the content but also simplify the customer’s understanding.

Your business’ web design choices impact the success of the site in terms of conversion and sales. Whether your site is brand new or existing, if it isn't rendering its motive, get the help of our experts.

Digiwhiz is a competent and creative web design company in Melbourne, capable of implementing effective design ideas to generate the best results. To improve your website design, CALL OUR TEAM TODAY.

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