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Responsive Website Design Melbourne

Responsive Web Design Melbourne: ensure your website is the best it can be

When it comes to responsive web design Melbourne digital agencies, Digiwhiz is at the forefront of helping business establish their unique brand through the careful strategising and crafting of responsive website solutions.

What is Responsive Web Design?

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In past, businesses required a mobile version of their website, but responsive web design completely removes this need. And given the many ways customers interact with the web, businesses have come to realise responsive web design is now essential.

Responsive web design is as simple as it sounds: the capacity for webpages to respond quickly to user interactivity and behaviour. This means webpages always look their best in any browser and on any device or screen. This comes on the back of an unprecedented increase in mobile browsing, meaning the capacity for responsive websites to accommodate different screens, platforms and orientations are imperative for any business’s website. And because responsive websites are completely user-focused, they respond instantly to user browsing needs.


responsive web design melbourne

Create an engaging user experience through a Responsive Website

As your digital partner, Digiwhiz will work hard to translate your creative ideas into reality. Our expert responsive web design Melbourne team is completely focused on helping you implement your business strategy through your responsive website, with an emphasis on:

  • Increased conversions
  • Greater user engagement
  • Site content being SEO and Google-friendly
  • Platform independence, meaning regardless of the CMS you use, the website will function optimally.

So, don’t be left with an inferior website that users turn away from. If you’re looking for a competitive responsive web design Melbourne digital partner, Digiwhiz is your one-stop solution.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design and Development

Increased Mobile Traffic

Responsive to Increased Mobile Traffic

Increased web usage via mobile devices creates the need to have optimised webpage layouts. Responsive website design provides greater versatility across many devices at a lower cost for your business.

Content Velocity

Increased Content Velocity

Content velocity – the ability to discover, manage, create, personalise, deliver and measure performance of content at scale and speed – is maxmised with responsive web design.


Image Optimisation

Responsive web design optimises images according to user browser and device, which means you will never have issues with display.

Analytics Reporting

Improved Analytics Reporting

Analytics reporting offers the capacity for you to learn about different devices users access your website with. This responsive reporting allows you to understand how different devices interact with your website, and includes important metrics such as the time users spend on your site, user bounce rate (how many users leave the site after viewing one page only) and your conversion rate (analytics allows you to set this according to your business needs). These insights are invaluable for user-audience analysis and your broader business strategy.

Load Time

Reasonable Page Load Time

Mobile users with their shorter attention spans often abandon websites that take too long to load. Responsive web design and caching ensure page load time is reduced, leading to a lower bounce rate and greater user satisfaction.

Conversion Rates

Higher Conversion Rates

One of the keys to converting visitors into customers is through consistent user experience across all devices. Responsive web design improves conversions because it offers a single, secure and professional website that caters for any user, browser or device.

Our Web Design Process

Web Des Img5 01

Gaining an Intricate Understanding of Your Business

The first step in our web design process is identifying what lies at the heart of a web design project, so careful consideration of your business goals, your audience, business triggers and other important factors is undertaken.

Web Des Img4 02

User Experience and Interactivity

The key to optimising user experience is building into your web design simple conversion instructions, an easily navigable layout and clear labelling. After gaining a thorough understanding of your business, our web design company Melbourne UX team plans out a sitemap, which is the blueprint for your site and enables us to generate a wireframe. The wireframe is important because it is used to lay out content and functionality that takes into account user needs and journeys. During the design process, all static pages from the website are mocked-up to give you a sense of what the final product will look like and how it will act.

Web Des Img6 03

Visual Design Delivery

Once the wireframe is built out, our team works on the page layout based on the wireframe, with a clear focus on SEO-friendly content using higher levels of application-focused tools to ensure your site ranks higher in search.

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